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About us

MTS is specialized as supplier for CNC and CAM education and training since 35 years using the own developed production oriented CNC simulation software of up to 5 axes milling & turning machining centers in virtual 3D reality combined with our CAM software.

With its approved products TopMill, TopTurn, TopCAM, TopFix, TopTrain, NCTest - all honored with a Wolddidac Award - the MTS CNC System allow a universal CNC and CAM training that combines elementary CNC learning contents with advanced CAM methods. The didactic concept, which can be adapted to any arbitrary CNC control is based on the principle of "working with the MTS CNC simulators in the same way as with real machine tools."

With our new extensions to quality control by in process measuring and automation of the CNC production process by robots handling the material flow, our CNC training system is already prepared for Industry 4.0.

New products: CNC Elearning TopTrain and 3D CAM system TopCAM3D with automatic feature recognition.

Products and services

MTS as specialized supplier for CNC & CAM software for education and training as well as for production since 35 years offers its own developed software and teaching materials, available in different languages eg as English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese

TopTrain: Elearning module for CNC basics of turning & milling with interactive exercises using CNC simulation

TopMill & TopTurn: CNC simulation of up to 5 axes turnmill machining centers for any CNC control including Industry 4.0 extensions as In-Process-Measuring and automation by robots handling the material flow

NCTest: CNC examination and assessment module for any ISO code according to the German assessment standard

TopFix: Modular Clamping System

TopCAM2D and TopCAM3D: CAM systems for milling & turning with automatic feature recognition

Teaching Materials

Development of adapted CNC curricula and corresponding CNC teaching material

Trainer courses on site

All above products were honored by a Worlddidac Award in the last years

TopMill & TopTurn

TopMill & TopTurn

The intention of Industry 4.0 is to increase the productivity. In addition to the use of high-productivity CNC machines with quality control by means of in-process measuring, this includes the automation of the material flow in the CNC production environment.

In CNC this is primarily the workpiece handling by industrial robots. MTS has integrated these learning contents into TopTurn & TopMill by extending them with 6-axes robots, programmed on the same control as the CNC machine in ISO code.

TopMill & TopTurn

TopMill & TopTurn

The requirements of Industry 4.0 on CNC production have as main requirement the quality control with in-process measurements and feedback on the production. The importance of in-process measurement lies in the still possible correction on the workpiece in the machine, e.g. by reworking with automatically calculated wear correction values

NC Analysis

NC Analysis

Logging of the measurement results
The current expansion from Industry 4.0 to Digitalization requires the combination of the in-process measurement results and the NC program analysis into a workpiece protocol in standardized digital form. For this purpose, we have extended the detailed MTS NC program analysis of a workpiece with the production data for tools, tool cutting times, removed chip volumes, machining times and total times by the measurement logging and the test tolerances used.


MTS Mathematisch Technische Software-Entwicklung GmbH
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10553 Berlin

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Dr. Hans-Joachi Pfeiffer
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